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Remake or Original ??

First time when i read the tittle,  I thought this movie was boring. But it’s wrong, because it could give me something different. I dont know what’s the something different, but it could give me an addiction effect. that’s why I decided to make a review text about it.

Thirty years ago, Badai Pasti Berlalu movie made a fantastic record as the most popular indonesian movie. At the first, this movie was a continuing story which posted in Kompas magazine at July  1972 until September  1972. But it changed to be a novel by the writer, Marga T. This novel first time was posted  in march 1974. Directly, when it released, many poeple loved it. Even, 24.000 exemplar sold out.

In 1978 Teguh Karya made BADAI PASTI BERLALU movie. This movie got a successfulness like the novel. It became the most popular movie since 1978 until 1979 with 212.551 viewers. Not only became the most popular movie, this movie also got some awards. In 1978 it got some Citra awards in Ujung Pandang in the FFI event, in editing, fotografi, sound editing, and music order category. In 1979 also this movie got an Antemas award as the most popular movie. Its soundtrack album which sang by Chrisye also got a big successfulness. Automatically, this successfulness also made the actors and actresses, likeChristine Hakim, Slamet Rahardjo Djarot and Roy Marten got a big popularity.

Thirty years later, Teddy Soeriaatmadja made the remake of BADAI PASTI BERLALU. For the first time, there was a remake movie in indonesia. ASTAL Pictures made this history. BADAI PASTI BERLALU which made by Teddy and BADAI PASTI BERLALU which made by Teguh were not different, only the setting of place was different, from the mountains changed became the beach.

BADAI PASTI BERLALU movie tell about love among Vino G Bastian as Leo, Raihanuun as Siska, and Winky Wiryawan as Helmi. Don’t forget about Agustya Kandaou, he act as joni, siska’s brother and Slamet Rahardjo who act as Siska’s father. Everytime when we wacth this movie, we will wacth the first act, that is Leo and Joni have a vocation in bali. They are enjoy the beautiful beach and some time they surf, and they stay in the Joni’s family’s villa. Both of them stay in that villa with Siska, Joni’s sister who always sad everyday, bacause her fiance leave her. So, Leo and Joni make a scenario to make Siska forget about her problem. If you wacth this movie, you will find the act when Joni say to Siska, that Leo has a same feeling like her, because his fiancee leave him alone.

Then, the scenario succes. Siska try to be able to open her heart for Leo. The relationship between them continue, when they back to Jakarta. But, in the Siska’s sister’s engagement party, Siska hear the conversation among Leo and his friends. In fact, Leo and his friends make a deal, if Leo can make Siska love him and become her boyfriend, and for the repayment, his friends will pay his college.

Siska feel broken heart for the second time. She refuse apologize from Leo. Seven months later, when her father has a dinner, her father introduce  Helmi to her. Helmi is a manager in Siska’s father’s restaurant. At that time, Helmi is friendly and very polite. It make Siska interested to him. She don’t know that Helmi is a crafty man.

Siska is very surprise when Helmi threaten that he will tell the truth about her father’s unfaithfulness to her family, especially her mother, if she may not become his wife. She doesn’t want if her mother get a big sufferings. So, with a big sadness, Siska accept his invitation. Her brother certainly doesn’t agree about her plan. But, the wedding party still happen. And a few months later, she get  pregnant. Day by day, the bad side of Helmi appear when he make Siska’s father insolvent. He buy Siska’s father’s restaurant with a cheap price. Siska get a big sadness again, when her child die. A couple month later, Siska and Leo get a opportunity to meet again. When they meet, Leo has been a doctor.

This movie has a romantic theme, that is about immortal love. Between old version and remake version , both of them only have a little difference. In the old version, Helmi’s character is acted by Slamet Rahardjo. But in remake version, Slamet Rahardjo act as Siska’s father.

We must give a big appreciation to Raihannun, a new star in the movie world in Indonesia, because she act with all her heart and her ability. So, she can give the viewers a brillian act. Even, more brillian than Vino Bastian and Winky Wiryawan who have acted in many film. Teddy Soeriaatmadja also can make the viewers emotion challenged. Especially, when Siska act in her child funeral. There, Siska ask to Helmi about thier relationship, and Siska ask to helmi to agree with her disvorce request.

So, we can say that the remake version is better than the old version. But it is not good if we compire between both of them. Because both of them was made in the different era. What a interesting movie!!! So, if you think that you have an immortal love, you must prove it with wacth this movie.

created by Aldha Williyan

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