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Would you like to know all about me??
My name is Aldha Williyan. Everyone calls me “AL”. Actually, i don’t know the meaning of my name. But, let’s guess….in my opinion my name has two meaning. The first is ALDHA, i think “Al ” means semua. And “DHA” means kebaikan. So the meaning of ALDHA is semua kebaikan. Hehehehe My father’s name and my mother’s name are combined become WILLIYAN. So, the meaning of ALDHA WILLIYAN is semua kebaikan yang berasal dari orang tua.
I was born in Indramayu west java on july 29th 1994. But i grew up in Kuningan West Java, and now I live in kuningan with my parents and with my little brother and sister. Remember my birthday, ok guys. So you can give me some gift in my birthday. Hehehe
Before i study here, in IAIN SYEKH NURJATI CIREBON, i studied in senior high school 1 Kuningan. When i studied in senior high, actually in the third grade i felt so confuse “ where should i continue my study”. But my parents suggested me to continue my study in IAIN SYEKH NURJATI CIREBON. So i participated the test, alhamdulillah i can study hear.
Do you wanna to know about my reason which make me choose this Institute??
As i said before, my parents suggested me to study here. That is my first reason. The another reason, the location of this institute is near from my house in Kuningan. If i miss my family, i just go home to Kuningan. It’s mean that isn’t difficult to meet with my parents if i miss them. Beside that i wanna to learn about relegion knowledge, such as Qiroah, Hadist, Al-quran. I think IAIN is the better choice to be able to learn about that seriously than the another university or institute.
If talk about the hope, we must be closer to God. So that, everything which we do will be easier to do, because Allah will give us many gold opportunity. I believe everyone have same hope, that is to be a better man in all aspec than before. And also i can make my parents happy and proud of me. So every night i study about english. So that i can become a good and a profesional teacher who was loved by the students.
“Money is not everything, but everything need money, if we succes money will be looking for us, succes is my goal”. That is my motto life. I think enough for my personal identity. I’m sorry, if my writing isn’t good, if my grammar in this text has many mistakes.

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