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Dear Rifa
How are you my greatest friend?? Long time no see … I miss you so much, especially with your motivation. You know? I feel something different here, especially the weather, it is so hot here, very different with the weather in our lovely village, right?? Every night I must protect myself from mosquitos attack..hahah can you imagine that?? That will probably become my unforgettable experience in my life….hahaha

During I study here, I meet with other great people from other city, such as indramayu, majalengka, and brebes, even bogor.. I feel inferior here, because many student who study here graduated from boarding school, automatically they have a good knowledge about relegion. And how about me ?? I’m not a good muslim, but I try to study hard to understand more about relegion knowledge. When we studied in senior high, you always gave me suports and motivations to improve my spirit again, if I feeling blue like this…I really really miss your motivation..

In my institute, there are many beautiful girl who wear veil, like you rifa. But I only interested with a girl, she study in english department, same with me. When orientation event I got a class with her. She is beautiful , but my mother is more beautiful..heheh Every time when I meet with her, I feel so shy and nervous. Its mean she is very special and very different with other girls, because I usually have a big convident when I talk with girl, you know that..hehe How do you think?? Should I say honestly to her about my feeling?? Or focus in study?? But I think, I must say the truth about my feeling, study is number two, but have girlfriend is more important than everything..hahahha

I have a big problem here, I’m little bit confuse with relegion subject, such as study hadist and study Al-Quran, and I think so do you, I’m sure, if you study here, you will be confuse, same like me. Because we didn’t study both of them in senior high. So, when the lecture give the material about them, I just keep silent, because I don’t understand what the lecture mean… What a pity I am !!!

But, I like so much all of the english subject here. The lectures are very extraordinary. They speak english so fast. Therefore, all of the english lecture become my inspiration to be able to speak english well. Oh my god, I forget to ask about condition of your family, especially your parents..heheh How are they?? I hope they are very well..
Take care there, and focus on your study.. Don’t forget to keep your health..Maybe some time I write a letter for you again..

Your best friend forever

Aldha Williyan


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