Prince Budu

13 Agu

Long long time ago there was a prince in a kingdom, great kingdom. The people called him Prince Budu. Beside that, prince Budu also had a wide field. He planted many vegetables and fruits. Prince Budu was a kind person, he never thought to feel the happiness only for himself. So, everytime when he got the benefits from his field, he would share some vegetables and fruits to his people. No wonder if all people in that kingdom were very proud of their prince.

One day, when Prince Budu was walking in around his field. He found something strange. His vegetables were broken, especially cabbages. Directly, he was very angry. Even though, he was a prince, he was still a human who could be angry.

“I can’t believe it, why my people did it. I am always nice to them, even I always share my vegetables and fruits to them. But why??”, Prince Budu was angry.
After that, with a big anger Prince Budu commanded the soldiers to find the person who had done it.
“I don’t care who is he or who is she. Find him and bring him to me! I will give a punishment to the person who made my cabbages broken”, commanded the prince.

A day after that day, one of the soldiers got the answer about the person who had made the cabbages broken. But, the information was unbelievable. It made prince Budu was very suprised, because all of the problem in his fields were not because of the man or woman, but only because of the animal, rat.

“What? A rat? So it’s because of the rat? I can’t believe it”, said Prince Budu.
“Yes my prince, what is the next command?”, asked the soldier.
“find it, catch it, and kill it. It just an animal”, commanded the prince.
Two weeks later, exactly in the night. Prince Budu sat in front of the mirror, when suddenly he remembered about the rat which he killed.
“That was your fault, rat. Why you ate my cabbages, so I must kill you. I’m afraid the problem will be bigger if I didn’t kill you”, said Prince Budu to the mirror.

After that he slept in his bed. But actually that night was not the usual night, because the dream came to Prince Budu when he slept.

“The creature in this earth is not only man, but plant and animal also are creature. Nice to other human is not enough, plant and animal also need a place in this earth. remember that”, that statement came in Budu’s dream.
The sun came as usual, it’s the sign that morning would come. The beautiful morning could not make all people in that kingdom, especially the soldiers calm down. Everybody was suprised and confused about the prince, they could not find the prince anywhere. One of the soldiers got in to Prince Budu’s bedroom, he found nothing, but he found a rat on the bed. Surely, the soldier caught it and threw it. Actually, it was not a rat, but it was a prince. The God gave him a test and changed him to be a rat, because he could respect each othe with the other creature.

“I’m so sorry, please change me to be a human again,, please forgice me”, begged the prince to the God.
“I give you my word. I will not make the same mistake, please forgive me, I’m so sorry. Please I wannaa be a human again”, the prince cried.

The God actually only gave him a test in order to make his attitude better. Prince Budu changed to be a human again. After that accident, prince Budu became nicer whether with human or the other creature. Even, he had a new hobby. That’s commanding the soldiers to bring the cabbages and give to the rats. All people in that kingdom were very proud they could have a great prince.

• Respect each other as the man is good, but respect each other as the creature can make it complete

created by Aldha Williyan (Mr.ALL)

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