Immortal Love from My Best Friend

24 Mei

A couple weeks ago, exactly when I sat in the class and learned about the matters that were given by the lecturer. At that time, I was in the class, and I waited the decision of the lecturer about what kind of assignment that should be finished for our midterm test. The lecturer of this lesson didn’t tell about it at the beginning of the lesson. So, curious feelings haunted me, nervousness subverted my confidence, doubtfulness dissolved my writing plan, and there were so many feelings which combined to be a strong terminator that try to destroy my creativity in writing. And then, at the end of the lesson, the lecturer gave the assignment. We got a command to produce a narrative text about little red riding hood, but we should make a new version.
Directly, when I heard that command, there were a lot of confusing feelings which got in to my mind. I was confused about the theme that I would use for my story, beside that I wanted to produce the greatest story. So, I was little bit confused about how to make the story, either the characters or the plot of the story. Inevitably, I needed much time only for decided the suitable theme of my story. Not only the suitable theme but also I tried as hard as I could to find the theme that could produce the best story. Even though I got the topic or the theme, unfortunately I got also some difficulties to decide the plot. I wanted to give up because of that. Luckily, I remembered about my mom’s remark. “Don’t say that you are my son if you can’t do something useful that you want”. That’s the statement from my mom. I will be on fire if I remember it. So, immediately, I stood up in front of mirror, looked my self deeper and deeper, thought about my mom’s remark.
Finally, the suitable topic came to me. According to the topic that I got, my story would talk about the romance between the little red riding hood and the wolf that was always disturbed by the granma, of course the characters of my story had been prepared by me, in order to give a good relation among the topic, the plot, and the characters. The next problem was, how was the way to express that topic to my writing.
I didn’t know, at that time it’s very hard for me to write in the noisy place. Its mean that there were so many obstacles before I wrote. Indeed, for making a great story is not easy, even it’s very difficult. In this semester, I spent my day in my holy jail. As we know, there was so noisy. That noise always demolished my concentration. I always tried to write and express my inspirations to my writing, but it didn’t work, because I needed a paradise to write. I didn’t know what should I do to solve this problem, but finally I decided to go home. Indeed, the most comfortable place for doing whatever the assignment is my bedroom. I had found the paradise to write, my bedroom.
Even though, I had found the paradise, but in fact the obstacles always came to me. At least, I got new best friends because of this assignment, they were the obstacles who gave me the immortal loves. But I didn’t care of them.
When I wanted to start my writing, unfortunately the other obstacles appeared. The first time when I wanted to start my writing, my mother commanded me to take care of my little sister. I just said yes at that time, because my mother said that she only wanted to go to post office just for a while. But in fact, she spent much time, its mean inevitably I should delay my work, because at that time I was a handsome babysitter.
The second time when I wanted to start my work. Once more time, my mother commanded me to buy a gallon of water. The gallons in the store which is near from my home were empty, so this condition forced me to buy it in the other store which is more far. I should delay my work once more time.
Until the third time, my mother had a new hobby, that’s disturbing my work. But in the third time, I didn’t follow her command, even I was angry to her because of it. So, my mother had two functions here, the first she was an angel who gave me suggestion and also she was a disturber. Whatever the condition, I love her so much.
With a big effort, I could start my writing. But my best friends always gave loves for me. It’s very hard for me to write the first sentence, even the first word of my story. Luckily, I always remembered my mom’s remark, it’s like a spring in the desert. With a big effort, I could handle and finish it. After that directly I said thank you to my best friends, the obstacles. Because of them, I didn’t feel lonely when I wrote and produced my writing.

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