Riding Hood is Witch

30 Apr

The blue sky, bird warble, the sun gives his smiling, the wind touch the trees, and fragrance of the jungle that I can smell. There were the conditions that I felt. I was sitting under the tree and thinking about something. I was thinking about everything that I had done in my life. The frogs were jumping to the lake in front of me and I can see the geese swim in the lake clearly.
I’m sure all of you will not realize “Who am I”, even you have ever read the story about little red riding hood, I guess you will be still confused about me. I’m little red riding hood, if I wear a red hood of course. But now, I don’t wear it and I think I’m more beautiful without it in my head, bacause my curly hair is like a gold.
Whatever the condition, either the beautiful nature situation or my new style without hood were good things. But, I didn’t know why, I still felt something different in my heart. Directly, I remembered about something that was happened as my experience before, that experience planted a big thorn in my heart. I was looking to my left, when suddenly the face with a nice smile who was so familiar came to me. “Hey, you look more beautiful”, that statement which he said to me. He kissed my forehead, but it could not change anything that he had done to me. He’s Lucas, my lovely husband. I closed my eyes just for a while, I tried to remember everything that was happened before.
I still remembered the day. It was Saturday, when I went to the jungle. I went there only for taking some fruits. This jungle’s famous with flourishing trees and there were so many apple trees, star fruit trees, manggo trees, and so on. It made my life easier, because this jungle provided everything that I needed. I walked alone and looked for the apple tree. “There you are”, I said. I picked some apples, I wanted to picked them as many as I want, but there were still so many apples that had not been ripe yet.
“Wow, these apples are good, I’m sure the taste will be very sweet”, I said with a big happiness.
I took an apple from my basket and ate it. When I went home and walked on the way, I sang loudly because I was very glad, I could get so many sweet apples. I was very suprised, because suddenly there were two lions in front of me. But they were not too big, and they were not too small also. I didn’t care about the size, whether they were small or big, they were still lion, so I was very afraid at that time.
“Hello girl, what are you doing here? In the jungle? Alone..Hahaha?”, said one of the lions.
“Who are you? I don’t have a business with you, please don’t block my way, I wanna go home”, I begged to them.
“Stay here with us, we are so hungry, we need you for our dinner”, said the lion.
I didn’t know what should I do, I only could beg to them, but I think they will not care about my behest. “God, help me, send me someone to help me”, I prayed at that time. One of the lion jumped to me and he wanted to eat me, but suddenly there was a strong wolf in front of me, and he protected me from those lions. “Don’t disturb this girl, go away from here”, said the wolf. A fight could be avoided. Even though a wolf helped me, I was still afriad, even more afraid than before, and because of that I could not see the fight.
“Don’t worry, they have run away from here, and I’m sure they will not disturb you anymore”, the wolf said to me.
“No no, please don’t eat me”, I said and I was very afraid.
“Hey hey, I help u, I will not eat you, girl”, he replied my statement.
“Really? Thanks you have helped me, but.. look at your leg, it’s injured, and your neck also”, I said to him.
He looked very tired, maybe it’s because of the fight. He picked me up until I arrived at my home, he was so nice to me. But unfortunately, he was unconscious when I said thanks to him. “hey hey, wake up”, I was so confused what sould I do. But I decided to help him, and I took him in to my home, especially to my bedroom.
I looked his face carefully. “I will not be here if you didn’t help me, my strong wolf”, I said to the wolf who were still unconscious. I didn’t know why, at that time I kissed his forehead, it is pure for him, maybe because he had helped me. After that I was very suprised, the wolf changed to be a handsome prince.
“Who are you, are you the wolf??”, I was very curious.
“Yes. I am the wolf, but actually I’m prince”, the prince replied.
“What do you mean?”, I was still confused.
“Long time ago, here in this jungle, there was a kingdom, and I’m the prince of that kingdom”, the prince explained.
“But why you could be a wolf?”, I asked to him.
“Yeah, there was a witch who changed me to be a wolf by her spell, and that spell can be broke if there is a girl who gives her kiss in my forehead without the reason”, explained the prince clearly.
I could not say anything. Confusing felling, curious feeling, unbelievable feeling combined to be a unite in my heart.
“I will marry u as my gratitude”, he said.
“Marry me? I will not accept it if you marry me only because I broke the spell”, I replied.
“There is no marrige that will be happened without love, and also us, there is a big love in my heart. You can take all of my wealth from my kingdom, because my wealth still safe in the jungle, and there is no one person who knows it”, he explained.
Finally we got married, and we get a happy marriage. Until one day, I found him at a house in the jungle, he was with a woman, I was very angry at that time, but I tried to control myself. I walked to that house closer, in order to make me can hear what they talked.
“I’m sorry last week I could not visit you”, my husband said.
“Yeah, I know your reason”, the women replied.
“Actually, all of these are your mistakes, Daniella. You changed me to be a wolf only because you were jealous”, my husband said.
“You didn’t give a gift in my birthday, even you forgot my birthday”, she replied.
“Daniella, it was a little problem, you should not give that spell to me. Everything will be alright if you didn’t do that. We can life together in a big happiness”, my husband explained.
“Forget it Lucas, we open the new one, leave her right now!”, asked the women to my husband.
“Until now, I’m still love you, but I have the other life now”, my husband said.
I found the fact from their conversation, my husband visit her every week, it really made me hurt. And I could not stand with the last statement, so after my husband said like that, directly I was very angry, and I got in to that house. I slapped my husband.
“You are a liar”, I said.
“Kevinny, I can explain it”, he said to me.
But, I didn’t care of his statement, I run away from that house.
“You are the touble maker”, my husband said to Daniella.
I didn’t know why Daniella didn’t give the spell to my husband, maybe she was afraid if she made the same mistake like before or maybe she still loved my husband. There were so many feelings in my heart.
By the way, who is Daniella? If you have ever read the story about little red riding hood, you will find the grandma. Daniella is the grandma. But it is in the previous version. Here, we talk about the new version where the little red riding hood grows up to be an adult who has got married with the prince. So, Daniella is my husband’s ex girlfriend who has given him a spell.
I spent two days in the jungle and thought what should I do for the next. Maybe my husband was very worried about me or maybe he didn’t care of me anymore, because he had somebody else. I really wanted to forget him but I can’t, the love always came to me if I tried to forget him.
“Alright Kevinny, you are only jealous, he said that he can explain it”, I talked with myself.
After that I decided to go home and met with my husband, I didn’t know why I missed him at that time. Unfortunately, I was very sleepy, so I delayed my plan to go home and slept first under the tree just for a while.
When I slept, I got a dream. God helped me again, he gave me clue about what should I do to solve this problem. “Convertido en piedra, convertido en piedra, convertido en piedra”, that statement was heard in my dream three times. Directly, I woke up and thought about the meaning of my dream.
“The problem came from the witch, everything happened because of the witch. And maybe the I statement that I found in my dream is a spell for her also. It is not wrong if I tried”, I talked with myself.
I arrived at home when suddenly my husband hugged me and said sorry to me.
“I’m so sorry my lovely wife, I can explain it”, my husband said.
“Don’t bother your self, Lucas. I have forgiven you”, I replied
”I love you, don’t leave me please”, my husband said.
“I tried to forget you, but it’s very hard. I can’t life without you. I have one condition”, I said.
“What is that, my wife”, my husband replied and was very confused.
“Pick me up to Daniella’s house right now”, I said to him.
He picked me up. I could see in his face at that time, he was very confused about what was the purpose of my condition. But I didn’t care of that, I just wanted to do something that I should do. When we arrived at her house, we found her in front of her home, she was watering the flowers.
“Hey witch, do you remember me?”, I said to her.
“What are you doing here? Go out from my house! Let’s wait and see, I will get your husband, because your husband should be mine”, she replied with her anger.
“Convertido en piedra”, I gave that spell to her.
Direclty she changed to be a stone.
“And you my husband, don’t make me dissapointed anymore, you can see what happen with her, she is a stone now. If you have somebody else, you will be like her, and change to be a stone”, I threatened.
“Don’t worry, kevinny. I’m yours”, he said.
I didn’t know what was the reason he could say like that, maybe he was afraid of me, because I can give him a spell like a witch or maybe it’s pure his feeling. I didn’t care of that, the most important is I could get the man who I love most, even though he has made me dissapointed.
“Mama, look at those geese, they are so beautiful”, that statement dispersed my fantasy about my experience before.
He is my son, Lisanro. He is very handsome like his father.
“Let’s go home, my wife. It’s so cold here, it’s not good for your health and your baby in your uterus”, Lucas said to me.
I have a happy family with him now, there is no witch anymore who wants to disturb our marriage. I have two handsome boy now, my husband and my son, and soon I will have a new child. I tried as hard as I can to forget all of the problem in our familiy, even though there is a little thorn in my heart. What done is done. At least, I have a happy family now.
Note :
• Don’t be a liar, be honest please.
• Loyality is number one.
• Control yourself when you are angry. Angry is fine, but the respone which show that you are angry should be controlled by yourself.
• Help each other.
• Convertido en piedra is spanish language, and in bahasa its mean “Berubah jadi batu”.

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