Class Review 9: Language is a Human

22 Apr

Before the students got in to the class and noticed to the explanation about writing. A week before that day, the students was given an obligation for making a recount text by the lecturer. So, as usual the lecturer gave a command to read and analyze the other student’s text. But, we can say that the way that was used in this meeting was easier than the way that usually used in the previous text, because in this meeting, it’s not really complicated, the students only got a piece of paper, and the students didn’t need to give their comment, but only wrote down their checklist on the paper.

The students had 30 minutes for made it, and then there was a good think, that’s the students didn’t need 30 minutes to finish their checklist paper, so because of that the lecturer gave the other command. The students had the other obligation beside giving their checklist, they also should write their comment in order to give repairment for the each author, and because of that the students can be better and more excellent in the next time, especially in writing capability.

Even though, in this meeting the students studied and learned about recount, whether the definition or the other aspect of it. Surely, they will get the information about writing itself. In this meeting the lecturer said that writing is the most difficult subject, whether for the lecturer or for the students. But this condition didn’t tell that the other skill subject is easy, all of the skill subject are hard. The point is, writing is the most difficult, whatever the condition.
So, what is actually recount? According to the explanation in this meeting, recount is the text that has a purpose to tell what happened. Not only recount, but also the other text, such as narrative and so on, surely they have a relation with language. If we talk about text, indirectly we will talk about language also. Recount also has the second function, that’s to keep the past alive. As I said in the previous sentence, that between text and language have a relation. Here, language also has the same purpose that is to keep the past alive. Beside that, language also has the second function, that is as interpret experience.

How the students produced or made a text? Of course they produced it by writing. So, what is writing actually? Writing is not the ordinary activity that the students usually do, because writing some text is not as easy as our thinking. We should say she or he is very amazing if she or he can write well, because writing is not just usual writing, but there are so many factors which have to master by the students. Why I said that writing is extraordinary activity? Because the real writing is the writing activity which has two main functions, the first is as eternalizing experience. Without writing, the experience now and then will be forgotten. So that’s why writing has a function as eternalizing experience in order to keep the experience. The second is as eternalizing knowledge. Same with the first function, here writing has to keep the knowledge in order to the people never forget it.

There is a simple question for us, what is the difference between human and chimpanzee? Because it’s a simple question, so the answer of it also is a simple answer. In the science aspect, both of them are almost same, but can chimpanzees tell the pat event? Can they tell a story? That’s why, even though both of them are almost same in the scince aspect, but there is a big difference, chimpanzees don’t have a language faculty, different with human. Human life with a language. So, language is a human

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