Class review 7 : I’m so sorry, sir !

22 Apr

Class review again? Of course, it is my obligation in this class, especially in the writing lesson, but not only me who have an obligation to make class review, all of the students in the class have the same obligation, that’s making class review. I have written in the previous class review, especially in my third class review, in that class review I talked about class review as our primary food, so it’s normal if the lecturer force the students to make class review every meeting. As I said in the previous class review that I have written, it is not only our obligation, but also as requirement for all of the student who want to study or get in the class and learn the materials that was given by the lecturer. So, inevitably the students should do it as well as they can.

The sixth class review talked about voice in the writing process, but this class review is going to talk about point of view in the writing. It’s not wrong if I rewrite the material. Voice is a part of each writer, every author has it, so if there is someone who said that the “Voice is wrong”, we should not believe him or her, because there is no wrong voice, but we should agree with someone who say that “Voice is different”. Why I said like that? Because voice is intimate between the writer or author with the object being written about.

Point of view is the way that the writer or author use to tell the story. The function of it is very crusial in the writing, because when the students talk about point of view, indirectly they will talk about the plot of the story. If they use the first point of view, the main character in the story is the writer, so the story can make the reader as the main character in the story. The first point of view uses “I”. Many students think and have an opinion that the second poin of view is the most difficult, and I think so, because the subject that is used in this oint of view is “You”. How about the third point of view? When the main character in the story is someone else, so its mean that the story uses the third point of view. She, he it, they, and so on are the subject in the third point of view. The point is , writing is a great adventure for all of the students who have a want to be able to write in the right way where rule and requirements are needed.

Actually, I little bit forget about some materials in this class review, because the last meeting there was an accident that happened between the lecturer and the students, especially with me. Beside as the passport for me in order to let me get in the class, this class review has the other purpose, I made this class review as my apologizing to the lecturer. I know, it was pure my mistake, I didn’t pay attention with the explanation that was given by the lecturer. But I didn’t mean to make the lecturer angry to me and to my class, I just looked the paper just for a while, I was curious with that paper, “What kind of paper is it”, that statement walked around in my head at that time, so I took it and looked it just for a while. Unfortunately, I got the anger from the lecturer, I”m so sorry sir it’s pure my mistakes and I give you my word, I will not do the same in the next meeting. I’m so sorry .

Because of me, the learning process in the last meeting was finished not at the right time, once more I’m so sorry sir. I just remember some material in the last meeting. Beside the material about point of view, the identity of writer also was explianed in the last meeting by the lecturer before he left the class, because of my mistake. Once more, I’m so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to make everything worse. So, if the students take a look at the previous class review, they will find the material about voice. Identity of the writer is built by the voice and point of view. As the first class review, all of the writing that the author made will follow the purpose of their writing. Either point of view or voice will not be good if they can not reach the purpose, because writing not only write but the good writing is the writing as a decision making.

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