Class Review 6 : Writing Determination

22 Apr

If I try to account how many text that I have written since the first time I got in this college, the answer is there are so many texts that I have written, whether I wrote in English or in Bahasa. In English department there is a writing subject, beside the others skill subject, such as reading, speaking, listening, and grammar. So its mean that all of the students inevitably have to write or make a text or maybe something like that, because the writing lecturer surely will give a command to the students to write, whether for making a text or just explaining your ideas.
In this lecture especially, I have written so many text. If I’m not wrong, I have written more than ten texts. The previous class review was the first English text which I made, so its mean that this text is the second English class review. Try to take a look at all of the previous texts, the lecturer in this lesson had given and delivered all of the aspects that the students have to have it. According to the last class review that I wrote, the good writing is the writing that has supported claims in the text and the writer of the text should deliver as many as he or she can the arguments which has a good idea, analogy, and evidence.

So, the most suitable question for all of the students is, “Are all of the writing that the students wrote good enough? Do all of the writing that the students made have all of the aspects that I wrote in the previous paragraph?” The answers of that questions are in the students themselves. If the writing has been written by supported claims, it can be called by good writing, and if the writer of the writing use and write so many argument, argument here is argument that I have explained in the precious paragraph, it can be also callled by good writing.
In the sixth meeting, there were some materials that the lecturer gave to the students, of course it’s about how to improve the writing skill of each students. The good news is between the last material and this material have connections, because both of them still talk about the same case, that’s the aspect that should be had by the students to write some text.

General ideas was one of the materials that the lecturer gave to the students. After that he talked about writing once more time, in his opinion writing needs a rich diet of reading, what does it mean? It’s very difficult if the students write without textual experience, because it is the first foundation for writing, so its mean textual experience should be got by the students as early as we can.

If the previous meeting talked about factual text, so we can say it’s non literary assignment for the students. But in the sixth meeting, the students was forced to learn about fiction text, so its mean we can say it’s the literary assignment. Why I said it’s a fiction, of course it’s fiction, because we read one of kinds of narrative text, and the tittle is little red riding hood. Narrative is a fiction text.

Voice was the last material in the sixth meeting. All of the students were introduced about voice by the lecturer. The introducing process was done by a ilustration that was made by the lecturer. He gave a command to write everything about Aa Gym, and directly the students wrote a text about Aa gym. After that ilustration, the students realized about something, that voice is a part of each writer, so every author or writer has her or his own voice. Well, what is voice actually? Voice is intimate relation between the writer or author with the object being written about. it’s wrong if there is someone who say that the voice is wrong, because voice is the part of the writer, so there is a wrong voice, but it’s right if someone say that there are so many different voices.

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