Class review 5 : The First Time We Use English

31 Mar

The last meeting was the most interesting meeting that the students had been ever felt. Why I said like that? All of the students got a command to be a better writer in the next time, but using english in the next class review and text respone were the main command that was gave by the lecturer to the students. The lecturer didn’t force the students to write the class review and text respone by using english, he could understand the reality and the real condition that was felt by the students. He knew the skill of each students in the class. So, its mean that all of the students could write their assignment by using bahasa.

In the first paragraph I wrote a statement that showed the respone of the lecturer of the student’s skill. Why I said it? All of the previous meeting are the answer. As the last claas review that I had written, the good advance or the big improvement can be observed during the students learn everything about writing in the four meetings. In the previous meeting, the lecturer said that all of the students had got a lot of improvements and advances in writing skill, but after he made some analysis, he realized about something from the students, that was the students had not been ready to play in the writing world and because of that he changed his sight. So, the statement that said the students had got a lot of improvements and advances was wrong.

The lecturer was little bit disappointed of the student’s writing, whereas he had gave a big hope to the students, he also was very confident that all of the students would get a lot of advances and improvements. Unfortunately, many students wrote in their paper just for complete the assignment, even there were so many students who blocked their mind only for three pages, actually they could develope so many ideas in their writing, even actually they could write in the five or maybe seven pages but they decided to block their mind only for three pages, because the purpose of their writing was only for complete the assignment. Imagine, if improving capability in writing was the main purpose of their writing, I believe advance and improvement would be got by the students easily, because sometime suggestion had a big effect for our life. If we put in our mind that we can, I believe that we will be able to do anything that we want. So for the next opportunity, the students should give a suggestion to their mind that they must get the improvement and advance.

According to the explanation in the previous paragraph, the purpose of the student’s writing was absolutely wrong. That was why the students didn’t get an improvement or advance. Beside that, the reason that could make the students didn’t get the improvement and advance in their writing was the idea or the statement in their writing. There were so many unsupported claims in their writing. The good writing is the writing that contain the real informations which have strong evidences or it can be called by supported claim. If the condition like this, the students only wrote the unsupported claims, so we could know the main point of this. The students did not know the real purpose of writing. The students should know and realize about the purpose, because purpose is the main thing of writing.
The purpose of writing is for change the mindset, if the mindset can be changed to be a better one, automatically the students can improve the capability of writing. The citizen who has a good life and culture will be appeared. Writing is the sign whether the citizen is modern or not, whether the citizen has a good culture or not. Writing is the most important thing in the society.

The lecturer tried to develope the mindset of each students to be a better one. But it was very difficult. He gave some examples of this problem that was taken from his experience. One day, he went to the one of shops in his town. He wanted to buy milk for his child. Of course when he bought it, he did some conversations with the seller first, he said that he wanted to buy Cerelac, but he did not know why the seller gave him Promina. It is one of evidence that the capability of writing and reading of the citizen are bad, or it can be called our society does not have a good quality in writing and reading. There are so many warning in the public place, for example “No Smoking”, but in fact, the citizen ignore that warning and they still smoke at the public place. It is the simple example that show the bad attitude of the citizen, bacause the citizen does not have a good quality in writing and reading.

The lecturer forced the students to change their mindset, but beside that, the lecturer also gave a command to the student to change their personality, in order to make them have a critical thinking. Actually, critical thinking will be got by the students, if they can write a good writing which has supported claims. So, between supported claim and critical thinking have so many connections. Why both of them have a lot of connection? The students should know what is the definition of critical thinking. Critical thinking is a curious feeling, therefore the students who have a critical thinking will be happy if they always give the argument. As the last class review that I made, the argument here is not the usual argument, because the lecturer had given the material about argument. The good argument is the argument that have three point, such as idea, analysis, and evidence.

All of the previous paragraph in this class review tell about everything include the material that the lecturer gave in the last meeting. As usual, every meeting the students surely will get a command to check their writing each other. So, I can make a conlusion, the craftsmanship will be appreciated by all of people if the way or the process is right.

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