Girl with Her Veil..

11 Des

Assalamualaikum wr wb

First of all,, let us say Alhamdulillah to almighty Allah SWT who has been giving us some mercies and blessing until we can attend here, in happy place without any troubles and obstacles.

Secondly, let us send our salam and shalawat to our beloved prophet, the last messenger of Allah “Muhammad SAW” who has guided us from the darkness into the brightness, and from the stupidly era to the cleverness, namely islam religion, the true religion in the world.

Thirdly, I don’t forget to say thanks a million to master ceremony who has given me a gold oppurtunity to deliver my speech under the tittle,

“Girl with Her Veil”

Ladies and gentleman…

If you have to choose, between the ugly  girls who wear a veil and the beautiful girls who not wear a veil, which number will you choose?? The first one or the second one?? But I will not choose both of them, because both of them are bad choice. I will look for the beautiful girls who wear a veil, if there is a girls like this, we can say she is a perfect girls in the world. I know we are muslim,  so as we know our god Allah SWT forbide the girls to open their sexual part, include thier hair. We also can find this fact in our holy book, Al quran.

Unfortunately, many girls think that wear a veil is not important, they say that it’s useless if they wear a veil to close their hair but the attitude is still bad, so they think they shouldn’t wear a veil, have a good attitude is enough to be a good muslim. Absolutely that opinion is wrong, maybe it’s satan opinion.

Ladies and gentleman

Actually wear a veil has many good side, I will share it to all of you.

First, veil is good for the hair, because veil can keep the hair from the sun, dust and so on. So when the girls get married with the boys, and open their veil, I’m sure the boys will be proud that they can marry the girls who wear a veil, because their hair like gold. Can you imagine that? Then, if the girls have a problem or unsual part in their hair, they can close it with veil. So, veil is very usefull.

Beside that, the boys will give a big honorable to the girls who wear a veil, automaticaly with veil, the girls will be safety from the naughty boys who have a bad purpose. With the veil also, the girls will have a big spirit to study and to get many knowledge as many as they can, and also if the girls wear a veil, they will think carefully before they do anything, because veil is the thing that can answer the questions, “ how polite is the girls and how clever is the girls?” because, surely the girls who wear a veil will try to be a polite and a clever girls. “Veil is a big responsibility”.

If we see in the other side, veil makes the life simple, for example if the girls are in hurry to go out from their home, and they don’t have enough time to prepare everything, veil is the answer, and if there is a guest in front of the home, and the girls haven’t been ready, because their hair is scattered, veil is the answer. Veil and veil again, don’t hear the girls who say that veil is nothing, because that opinion is wrong. Veil is very usefull.

Ladies and gentlement…

What are we waiting for?? Now.. close our sexual part. For the ladies, use a veil.. and for gentlement, you have to command your wife and daughter to wear a veil..

That’s my speech, thank you for listening, I do hope my speech will be useful for me especially, and for you all generaly…

Happy great day..

The last I say…

Wassalamualikum wr wb.

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