Is Bruno Mad?

23 Nov

Bruno mars is one of the new singer star, everybody knows him. We know all of his song are easy listening and easy understanding. It makes his songs phenomenal, such as marry you, lazy song, and just the way you are.

Grenade, if we are the big fan of bruno mars, we will know that song. Grenade is the new single from his debut album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans. The first time when i read the tittle, i guessed it told about something dangerous, like in the war. But absolutely i was wrong. This song tells about love.

This song tells about man’s love which never get attention from the woman, its mean the woman never like the boy. But the boy will do anything to make the woman interested to him. If we listen it carefully, we will hear the lyric “I’d catch the grenade for ya”, “Throw my hand on a blade for ya”, and “I’d jump in front of the train for ya”. Then you will find the lyric “You know i’d do anything for ya”, its mean that this song tells about the real man who has the real and immortal love for his woman, even though the woman has the other man and never feel what the man feel.

Then, the video clip of this song is very unique. Bruno mars bring the piano to the woman’s house. He through the long way before he arrive in the woman’s house. Unfortunately, the woman’s has had a man. When Bruno see her with the other man, he feel so disappointed and so jelous, so he decide to go away and bring his piano. After that he think his life is unless without her, so he stand in the train track, of course the train bumb him.

Actually i don’t like the story of the video clip, why must kill himself by stand in the train track, only because of woman? It looks like there aren’t woman in the world anymore. Is Bruno mad? There are a lot of woman in the world, Bruno. Before that scene, he bring a big piano, and why he go away from the house, only because he see the woman with the other man?? If you wanna sing, just sing. Maybe if he sing a song, the condition will be different. Maybe Bruno is mad.

But, we can say that this song is very good, easy listening, easy understanding, and I love it. Even though, the video clip is silly. Today is modern era, so don’t bother in yourself , just for buy it in the store. You can search in the internet and download it, like from or you can download the video clip in

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One response to “Is Bruno Mad?

  1. RifaMahmudah (@RifaMahmudah)

    Desember 19, 2012 at 3:22 am

    well done, boy!


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