15 Okt

Dear My Beloved Mama,

I get a new life here, this is the first time I live far for you, mom. The first day I sleep here, in Cirebon, I can’t stop thinking about you and papa. And also I miss so much with my little brother and little sister. Every night when I lived with all of you, I always heard my little sister cried. And every day I always saw my little brother cried bitterly because you didn’t give money to him to buy some toys..hehee However, those are my sweatest moment in my life.

“Wake Up…Wake Up…Wake Up, it is time for pray subuh”, I miss with that statement. You always said that every morning, when I lived in your home. But now, I sleep alone in the small room. Now, I must buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner by myself in the “WARTEG”…hahaha I really really miss your food, especially your fried rice. Although the taste is not good, but not bad. It can make my stomach full..but if I hungry it can be very delicious…hahah just kidding, mom. Heheh

However the condition that I feel today, it is for make me become a succes man, and I will be serious in study, in order to make you proud of me..Although the weather is very hot, either in the morning or in the night, I will be serious and focus to study in order to learn something which can improve my skill in speak english. If I can speak and understand everything about english, I can teach my little brother and sister, right mom?? So, i will do my best.

Maybe next time I’ll send you a letter again to tell my experiences here. And if I get a free schedule, I will go home, wait me mom..

Keep your health there and don’t forget to pray for me. Because your pray is the most important thing in the world that can make me have a big spirit to get my dream. And I promise I will not make you dissapointed, I try to make you proud of me. See you mom… Take care your health there..And say hay to papa and my little brother and sisteer..

Your greatest son

Aldha Williyan

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3 responses to “INFORMAL LETTER II

  1. elsa cifer

    Oktober 17, 2012 at 9:02 am

    cieee, yang bisa ngomong bahasa inggris XD XD

    • williyanaldha

      Oktober 19, 2012 at 11:54 pm

      i try to be able to speak english by write this letter..

      • elsa cifer

        November 22, 2012 at 4:03 am

        OMG! lol
        try hard boy, do it best 😀


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