My Comfortable Bedroom

17 Sep

The first thing which can you see in my bedroom is the liverpool football club poster on the wall. My wall in my bedroom has a yellow colour. My bedroom has a big and soft bed. In my bedroom, there are two cupboard. The old one and the new one. The old is beside my bed, while the new is beside my desk. In my bedroom also, there is a beautiful desk which used for me to study every night. This desk is one of the most important thing in my life, because many histories was happened on my desk. And also you can see the old radio but the sound is still nice on my new cupboard. But in my bedroom there isn’t a mirror, so if i want to get mirror, i must do that in my parents’s bedroom.

However, i love my bedroom so much. I promise, i always keep my comfortable bedroom. And the last, i never give the permit for everyone who has a dirty body to enter my lovely and comfortable bedroom.

Created by Aldha Williyan PBI C first semester….

Thanks a lot….

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