10 Sep

Long long time ago, there lived a family. The big sister’s name was Kevinny, and the little brother’s name was Kevinn. They had big different characters. Kevinny was very kind and patient. But the little brother was very naughty.

One day, Kevinn sat on the chair in front of his house. When suddenly he saw a little cat. It was sleeping under the tree. This naughty boy took a stone immediately and threw it to the cat. The cat was very suprised and ran away. Kevinny knew that incident. The day after that day, Kevinny advised Kevinn.”you must respect to all creature, because they are God creation”, said Kevinny. “but, it’s a cat, nothing special”, answered Kevinn.”God will be angry to us if we can not be able to respect them” advised Kevinny. Kevinn felt so bored, so he closed his ears.

One night, Kevinn read a magazine on the chair in the yard. Suddenly the bird’s filth dropped on his head. “I will kill u, bird!!”, said Kevinn angry. And then he took a catapult and shot it. Immediately the bird fell down. Kevinny saw that incident, and was very angry.”Don’t do that Kevinn, God will be angry to you”, advised Kevinny. “It’s just an animal”, answered Kevinn.

One day in the morning, Kevinn was very suprised. He looked yourself in the mirror. He changed to be a monkey.” What happen with me??”, cried kevinn. “God was angry to you my brother, you might apologize ”, advised kevinny.
Kevinn apologized to God, and promised, he would respect to all creature in the world. Kevinn changed to be a human again.

Created by Aldha Williyan (Mr.ALL)

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2 responses to “KEVINN AND KEVINNY

  1. RifaMahmudah (@RifaMahmudah)

    September 14, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Wow.. what a story!! did you make it by yourself? well…I just a bit confuse, the picture I’ve shown to you is about one little boy and his mother, where is the mother? I cannot find her in this story 😦

    • williyanaldha

      September 24, 2012 at 4:14 am

      i made it by myself miss…
      you said that, “no problem if the story tells about sister and brother, the most important is the theme tells about the picture which you gave to us….”


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