The Mouse Deer and the Crocodile

29 Feb

The mouse deer was a very tricky animal but he had many enemies. One of his enemies was a crocodile. The crocodile lived in a river near a forest.

One day, the mouse deer went to the river. It was avery hot day, and he was very thristy and dirty. He wanted something to drink from the river and then he bathed and splashed about in the water.

Suddenly the crocodile saw the mouse deer. “Hmm… a nice meal.” He thougt. Then, he silently crawled behind the mouse deer and grabbed him. He caught the mouse deer’s legs.

The mouse deer was startled and terrified as well. Then, he had an idea. He saw a twig floating near him. He picked it up and said, “You stupid fool! So you think you’ve got me. You’re biting a twig-not my leg, you stupid crocodile! Here’s my leg.”

And with that, he showed the crocodile the twig. The crocodile could not see very well. He was a very stupid creature, too. He believed the cunning mouse deer. He freed the mouse deer’s leg and snapped upon the twig. The mouse deer ran out of the water immediately.

“Ha…ha…ha…”, he laughed. “Itricked you!”

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