A Farmer and His Three Sons

29 Feb

A farmer had three sons. They were strong and young but never agreed with one another. They often quarreled among themselves. The farmer had given them a lot of advice. But they always turned a deaf ear. They disliked advice. The farmer felt very sad about it.

The farmer thought a lot and then he thought up a good plan. He called his son and ordered them, “Bring me a few sticks said!” said the farmer. They did so, but they could not break it. Then, the farmer untied the sticks and gave each of his sons a stick. Each of them broke the stick easily in the twinkling of an eye.

“There you are, my sons!” shouted the farmer, “If you remain united, you are strong. But if you quarrel with one another, you will be broken one by one easily. Do you understand what I mean?”

At last, the advice worked out. They lived in harmony and united ever after. The farmer felt relieved, “Now I can die peacefully,” he whispered.

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